Pressure Washing

Commercial Buildings

Clean ‘Em Up Pressure Washing offers state-of-the-art equipment and the ability to pressure wash hard surfaces (concrete, brick, etc.) and/or soft wash your buildings exterior (vinyl siding, stucco, wood, hardy board etc.); Keeping your storefront/building exterior clean will immediately boost curb appeal and could potentially bring more customers through your doors. 

House Washing / Soft Wash Method

This process is performed with extremely low pressure, paired with our biodegradable cleaners and detergents. Conventional high pressure cleaning on siding can be damaging and ineffective when it comes to completely killing off mold and algae growth. Soft washing allows Clean ‘Em Up to thoroughly clean the delicate surfaces without damaging the exterior or removing paint from painted surfaces

Sidewalk / Driveway / Patio / Deck

Clean ‘Em Up Pressure Washing also has the ability to properly clean your driveway, sidewalks, patios and decks. The proper equipment and cleaners is a must when performing these services to rid your surface of existing stains or mold. It is very easy to leave wand marks or ruin the finish of the surface, if not performed by an experienced professional. In some cases, this cleaning process can be more labor intensive than cleaning your home. We love to remove the grime for your property to shine!

Vinyl and Wood Fencing

We use eco-friendly and plant safe cleaners to break down mold, algae, dirt build-up and any other type of organic growth. After our cleaners dwell for the appropriate time, a clean water rinse is performed to bring back the original shine and color! Many fences have tree branches near by that give shade and cause more moisture, which can be a perfect storm for mold and algae to thrive on your fences surface.

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